Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stage 17 - Pfunds (pic)

The apple blossom in the foreground is amazing right now, and covers miles of fields. Villages and mountains beyond are each more beautiful than the next.


T Dodson said...

Run Russell! Run with the tenacity of Leslie Cochran in a mayoral race.

Anonymous said...

Russ -- Austria is a beautiful country to run through. We're thinking of you in Austin/at Hoover's and wishing you well and good speed. Barbara

Gillian said...


I'm so proud of you, im sat here on the couch drinking port on a Tuesday afternoon - your toenails are falling off in the alps. We leave today for england, will monitor from Blighty.

Love you.
Gill x

Helen Yang said...

Yay Russ! Sending encouraging thoughts from Austin.

Rob Secker said...

yessssss, one more country you can say you ran across!