Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stage 15 - San Michele

Whew! Not as bad as & thought ... except for the last 5 miles, but we'll get to that.

So last night I finally managed some good quality sleep, after my fish and salami sandwiches (no, NOT mixed together...ugh). I also experimented successfully with taping anti-inflammatory pads to my feet, which helped to reduce footfall pain, so this morning it looked more like I was running than hobbling.

The first 40 miles continued along the bike paths by the Adige river. No car traffic, but Sunday cyclists everywhere. Headwinds were less, but the afternoon was hot - in the mid-eighties - so nice for the cyclists, but not ideal for us.

The last 5 miles into San Michele were up, up, up. Not exactly what the doctor ordered, but good preparation for the next two stages, which I think will be equally hilly.

One interesting point of note is that this part of Italy is German-speaking. Every sign is a mélange of German, Italian and English. Tomorrow we head to Schlanders (still in Italy - see what I mean?) before hitting Austria on Stage 17.


Anonymous said...


You continue to be an inspiration! Every morning I eagerly await your latest update. Keep it up....

Becky Waldo

kirsten said...

What kind of anti-inflammatory pads are these?? I think I could use some for my foot. Keep up the good work.

ann said...

Enjoy your last day in Italy! Glad you got some quality rest. You're doing great!

Amy said...

I love the sound of an Italian, German, and English mash-up. Keep focusing on that scenery -- it sounds divine.