Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 months to go to Trans Europe

I celebrated having only 90 days to go to the start of the race last week by running 90 comfortable miles. I've run 300 miles in the last 4 weeks - that's good, except the race will require 300 miles EACH week! Oh well - tortoise and hare attitude required.

Apart from fatigue, the only part of me that's hurting at the moment is my right hip, glut and IT band after 12 or 13 miles. But that does mean that my feet, shins, achilles, quads, hamstrings, SI joint, back and abs are all holding up just fine! I'm always thankful for small mercies. My Raynaud's phenomenon is getting significantly worse, and is making my right hand ever more cadaverously cold and white, but my many pairs of gloves and mittens will hopefully deal with that problem.

Each day, I'm more excited about getting going with this adventure. I've booked a hotel room for 2 nights before the race starts at the Hotel Boston in Bari. I will be there just as Claire heads to Boston again for the 2009 Marathon - what cool symmetry.