Saturday, September 30, 2006

Germany next - Deutschlandlauf 2007

OK, so this ultra stuff is like having a baby. Incredibly painful at the time. You swear "never again". Then memories of the pain fade; you're left with just the brilliant afterglow of what you've experienced and the incredible people you've met.

But now my French baby has grown up and left home. So the next "big thing" is 17 days across Germany in September 2007. I just hope I can get past the niggling injuries that have messed up my training since France.

Beyond that - in 2009 - is Trans Europe. From Bari, Italy to the very north of Norway over 2 months. But that is too far and too far away to worry about right now. This month I'm running Marathon to Marathon, in Marathon, Texas.

And in January, I become a grandfather for the first time! How cool is that?