Sunday, April 25, 2010

Three months til Germany!

July 25th is the first day of our 5-day Baltic Run in Germany. To commemorate this pre-anniversary, we just marked up Claire's three pairs of Brooks Launch "racing sneakers". Yesterday morning was a trouble-free 26.2 mile training run, capping off a 70-mile week for her. I'm lagging a bit in mileage, but hopefully she'll take pity on me when we get underway.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baltic Run 2010

Running mojo is returning, just in time to prepare for the Baltic Run, 5 days and 200 miles north from Berlin to the Baltic Sea in July. Aches and pains have receded, and I'm finally enjoying running again. This week Claire and I ran nearly 50 troublefree miles, and we're now ready to start increasing weekly mileages over the next 3 months. She has it all planned on a spreadsheet; I just tag along.

It has been a blissfully cool Texas Spring in which to train. During today's run, Claire told me she's "really, really looking forward to Germany." I am too now. My fingers are crossed for us both - hopefully no volcanic ash to mess up our plans by then.