Friday, August 02, 2013

Orléans - Océan final day

The epilogue stage today of 24km/15miles was run in groups - mine went a little too fast for my comfort - but we all made it to the finish line in St Brévin. Weather conditions were super.

Claire was feeling much better today, and ran the whole stage comfortably with her new French best friends! We were able to cross the finish line and ring the bell together. Since then, it's been non-stop French food and hospitality.

Off for a week's family camping in Brittany tomorrow. We're ready for some much-deserved rest ... oh wait, three small grandkids...!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Orléans - Océan day 6

With the exception of a final 24km/15mile "epilogue" stage tomorrow, hostilities have now ended and everyone is in a wonderful mood.

Today's stage of 62km/38miles started at the painfully earlier time of 6:30am, in an attempt to avoid the hottest day predicted. But after we passed through Nantes, a front blew in and we are now enjoying clouds, wind and very pleasant temperatures. (This stage last year was brutally hot - I was dreading it.)

Again I started slowly...and contenders Christian Brière, Thierry Viaud and Yvonnick Simon were all long gone by the first aid station. But slowly I reeled them in, and met up with Christian (our race leader) at the final aid station. A true gentleman, he insisted on running the final 10km with me, and we finished together with a stage victory. It was a little speedier than I was really capable of, but it was worth the effort.

Tired now, but looking forward to trotting to the finish line in St Brévin tomorrow as a group. Wonderful people, wonderful country, wonderful race direction, and wonderful food & drink.

Location:Chemin des Carris,Frossay,France