Monday, May 04, 2009

Stage 16 - Schlanders (pics)

Covered bridges, castles, rivers, mountains, all accessible by apparently endless cycle paths. This is a cool place indeed.


MikeW said...

Russ, Glad to hear you had a good day.
And thank you so much for uploading a few photos to help our imaginations along.
Keep up the great work!!

Ken said...

Thanks for posting such nice pics Russ. I'm Enjoying following your journey from back home in Austin.

Anonymous said...

You're looking sharp Russ. I'm glad your feet are feeling better.

colin said...

Russ, I don't personally know anyone else but you who could do what you are doing. Very inspiring.

GEmVG said...


Thanks for your posting. I'm enjoying following your journey. Could you let me link your blog from my "Trans Europe 2009 Google Earth Tour"?

I'm a friend of Backman Tony (He also participated in the DL 2007). I'm suposed you know him. I have a compatriots Ching-Hui Chen, he also took part in this race. Please help me to say hello to him.

Steven Ho

Anonymous said...

Russ, your determination is remarkable! Take lots of mental notes, come home, and tell the "Tahoe Posse" all about it!

Ed B.