Saturday, May 02, 2009

Stage 14 - Nomi

A very tough day for me today...but let's start with positives:

We're two weeks done, and we've run an outrageous 575 miles;
We're only two days from Austria;
The weather today was sunny and very warm;
My blisters are healing, and I have no achilles or shin splint problems (quite rare here);
The scenery is spectacular - I'll try and post a couple of photos later.

OK, for the negatives:
My feet were really horribly painful today, especially my left one;
There was a fierce headwind for much of our 43 miles today - that gets very draining;
Tomorrow's stage is at least 5 miles longer, and way hillier. Given that I took over 10 hours to complete today, tomorrow could be as much as 13 hours - ouch!

So tonight I skipped the restaurant dinner so I could spend more time elevating and resting my feet. I've kept the protein and calories coming with salami and fish sandwiches, washed down with copious quantities of yoghurt. Like I always say, a glamorous life! And in 9 short hours, the fun begins again.


Rob Secker said...

salami and fish sandwiches sounds amazing right now.

the running does not.

Tom Beam said...

Wait, is it a salami sandwich and a fish sandwich? Or are both salami and fish between the same two pieces of bread?

Cathy said...

You need a good glass of wine to wash those yummy sandwiches down. Sending lost of good juju to you in hopes the feet stop aching. You're amazing Russ!

ann said...

Great job, two weeks and 575 miles, amazing! The scenery is beautiful there. I hope the wind dies down so it won't be such a factor tomorrow. Take care!