Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too much pasta, too little time

It will be many years before I'll be able to face rigatoni again! Meals tend to be interminable (when all you want is sleep) and uninspiring (seems like all the caterers have heard that stuff about runners "carbo-loading" - there's never an ounce of protein - or flavor - in sight!).

Sorry for bitching.


Markus said...

"Sorry for bitching."

No problem Russell.
Remember that's all part of your Italy experience :-)
Keep on running


Jenni from Hoover's said...

Hey Russell - you're entitled to gripe a bit, I think. But hey - if it makes you feel better, you have achieved fame and glory: your name appears in Wikipedia!( :)

Geezer Collins said...

Did you bring your Visa card?!

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as too much pasta? I guess so! Following your every move, Russell. How's the weight gain? How is it even possible to gain 11 pounds when you're running that much? Is it all water weight?
Keep on having fun!

Lori D. J. said...

Bitch all you want! We are here as your support system! When you get back to Austin, we should all go to Salt Lick and get your protein on! :)

Good luck!!!

Richard Leonard said...

Hi Russ

your blog is inspirational and is putting my triathlon training well and truly into perspective!

Enjoy the journey - I look forward to reading the book !

Best wishes

Richard Leonard

CSPUS said...

Russell, for perspective, to date you have run the equivalent distance from your front porch in Austin to the border of Oklahoma and Kansas! Congratulations!

TrampingRomagna said...
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TrampingRomagna said...

Hey Russell,
I apologize for not sending warm wishes before the race, but i am currently all caught up on the journey and look forward to following your progress. I know that the extra running you did in the Himalayas will pay safe, healthy, and run strong...tony (nepal and the sultans of swing)

Anonymous said...

Even your bitching is a pleasure to read. As Lori said, we've got plenty o' protein for you back here in the Lone Star state!
Hang tough!

kirsten said...

Lori's got it right. There is plenty of delicious beef in the state of texas. Let that be your carrot when the days get long.