Monday, April 20, 2009

Stage 2 - the gruesome post

Not for the squeamish. Toenails on my left foot are starting to take a pounding, even despite running with toeboxes cut out of my sneakers. I think maybe slightly tight socks plus rain today were the culprits. Jan the medic has worked on them already. Now I need to invent a modified sock design to alleviate the pressure on what's left of my toenails for tomorrow's longer stage.


Phil Terry said...

Ouch, Russell! I'm sending good vibes.

Barbara-Anne said...

Is it a little early for that already? Good luck!! I'm rooting for you, Russell.

Tom Beam said...

I've told a bunch of people about your story, they're all impressed/baffled. Actually it's definitely more of the latter. But I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work. Two nails down, 8(?) to go.

Stuart H. said...

Stage Two.

Nailed it!

Toenails are so 2008 anyway. Who needs 'em?



Anonymous said...

Russ, I'm taking notes, and I want to see those modified socks when you return!
Ed B.

Justin said...

I knew it was coming! The toenail post!

Go Russell!