Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post-dinner soak

Dinner was finally great - antipasta, lasagna, salad, chicken & fries, and fruit (and wine for some). I was preternaturally hungry. It's amazing what a psychological lift food gives fatigued people.

Now I'm standing in this VERY cold pool, with the Adriatic Sea in the background, hoping to calm my hot, aching feet. Life is good!


Anonymous said...

Judging from your posts, you must be leading the pack in the mental competition. You sound so balanced and serene. Your posts are colorful and a great read. Thank you for sharing with us. Cheers to strength and serenity!

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon said...

Happy Belated Birthday amigo. Thanks for sharing this amazing journey with us. Take care of those toes and keep up the good spirits.

Regis "HPReg" Duchesne said...

Speaking of aching feet, I stumbled upon a nice article there:

Apparently the best shoes to run long distances are the least expensive ones.

Anonymous said...

glad things go well for you, Russell-- Amy and I enjoy reading your posts each day here-- love from austin--ramsay

Dave & Peg Kurtz said...

We wish you well and Happy Birthday!
Dave & Peg

Val said...

Haiku for hot foot:

After all these miles
can I get some decent grub?
at last! Time to sleep.

Keep it us, Russ-ski! You put new meaning into Earth Day....


Anonymous said...

Russell,you are doing a great job,go for it,keep it up,by the way,have you met No.55 player,Chen Chinghui,can you wish him happy birthday on the 25th for us and ask his wife to call us