Friday, April 24, 2009

Stage 6 - San Benedetto del Tronto

Today started, like all days on the Trans Europe Footrace, at the ungodly hour of 4am. The mad scrum which is breakfast is at 5am, and then we start running at 6am. This continues anywhere between 6 and 10 hours, with aid stations every 6 miles or so.

Today was our shortest stage so far - just over 30 miles. The weather was fairly perfect for running - cool and cloudy, rain threatening but not materializing. I finished not long after noon, blissfully early to be able to start recuperation.

So now I'm showered and lying in my sleeping bag on a gym floor, hoping to get a few hours sleep before dinner. If dinner is on time at 6pm, I can usually get to bed by 7:30pm. Nightlife? Not so much!

Today's course continued along the Adriatic seafront. There were few hills, and miles of still deserted beaches. We're now north of Rome (which is on the opposite, Tyrrhenian Sea coast), so it feels like we're making progress.

My legs and energy levels felt good today. My only issue today is with very sore feet, which despite the love I heap upon them don't seem to appreciate the 227 miles I've run in the last 6 days. Hopefully anti-inflammatories and a cold soak will give some relief before another longer stage tomorrow.


Ramsay said...

Hi Russ--
Amy says they are just feet-- your heart could swallow em.
hugs from Amy and Ramsay

m said...

Your feat and your journey are soinspiring. And the memories of this experience will last a lifetime. Thanks for your writing and your running,
Brooklyn, NY

Anonymous said...

"M" - Glad you said "feat" and not "feet"...did you see the pictures below of his feet...those don't inspire me! ;) Great job Russ.

Michael T (Round Rock) said...

Russell, to give you a perspective of your run so far, it is 220 miles from your house to the seawall at the northern tip of Galveston Island...though I am sure your scenery was much more enjoyable!

Peter Poulin said...

You sure make it difficult for me to make excuses about not getting my 15 miles/week in, when you are knocking off 250. Damn you! You sound mentally strong, my friend. Keep that positive energy flowing...relax and float...relax and float.

T Dodson said...

The race is won
not with the feet
but with the heart.


Val said...

Haiku from the perspective of the sore feet:

I know I'm bony
but I've taken you this far
why do you hate me?

Haiku for the Adriatic:

Beautiful seafront
you help me relax and float
I keep running north

Keep it up, Russ!