Friday, April 24, 2009

Endless lines for food

The speed of Italian catering cannot hope to match the calorific demands of 68 runners and their crews. Lines seem endless - not good for ravenous folk. Tonight's pizza line seemed particularly tortuous.

Luckily, Trond and Ria had gone on a brief shopping expedition earlier today, and returned with 3 half chickens for us. A lifesaver. We fell upon and devoured them like my dogs would have.


Slaire said...

ohhhhhh I wish I was there to buy you all lots and lots of food!

Val said...

haiku for food lines

You're kidding me, right?
It's not like you ran all day
give us some damn food!

Cheryl said...

Go Russ Go! I was thinking about you all through Boston as my inspiration. Knowing that I should suck up anything for less than 4 hours which isn't even a single day's running for you. - Cheryl