Thursday, April 16, 2009

Benvenuti a Bari, part "due"

With no luggage in sight, I decided to go walking, to get oriented, and hopefully to find the race site at Stadio della Vittoria. I did both, and ran into this delightful specimen on the sidewalk in one of the seamier parts of town. Delightful.

The good news is that I managed to find the stadium, race director Ingo, the medical team, and a number of old friends - Jan, Tomas & Helmut from Germany, Gerard & Nicole from France, Trond from Sweden and Ria from Holland.

I gave blood and urine samples (I swear I'm "clean"!), and spent a very uncomfortable & claustrophobic hour being MRI'd.

Three days to go. I have one pair of sneakers and the clothes I'm wearing. I ask you - would Lance put up with this?! But at least the man on the Hotel Boston desk has been very helpful trying to track down my luggage - full marks there. Patience, patience.


Rob Secker said...

Italians...pfft who needs 'em

The dorm right next to us is full of Italian students. We call it Little Italy. All they do is smoke and drink canned coffee...

I'm nervous for you! Good luck!

Lisa Glass said...

Just noticed the rat picture. Doesn't it make you miss the Hoov?! He looks like the one that used to frequent my cube.