Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stage 5 - somewhere beyond Pescara

Quite a hilly first half today, then lots of sunshine and heat as we passed along miles of seafront. Not bad for this Texas transplant, but others from colder climates didn't seem to appreciate it. It's not quite the season yet, so everything is starting up but not too crowded.

As expected, quite a few runners are starting to hobble badly with shin splints. Downhills are particularly aggravating for them, and there were plenty of steep ones this morning. I'm doing OK - blisters no worse, and sensible, conservative pacing means I'm not yet hurt.

I ran a lot today with my French friend Jean-Hervé - we helped each other through the long miles. Right now, I'm blogging from my tent - tonight is its maiden voyage. It's quite comfortable compared to a crowded, noisy sports hall. The line for the showers seemed endless a while ago.

Anyhow, today's done - tomorrow is another (thankfully not too long) day.


MikeW said...

Thanks for the continued updates Russell!
I love keeping up with your voyage.

Question... what time do you guys start in the mornings? (maybe you can just let me know one time in your next report. Just curious)

Slaire said...

Quote of the day!! "conservative pacing means I'm not yet hurt"
Sounds like relax, float, cadence, mantra is carrying you on your way!

Love ya C

Rob Secker said...

i have a question too. how many people are in this race?

Chris Barton said...

I look forward to these updates each day, Russell. They make my three miles in the morning seem to fly by...

Barb Wise (Verizon) said...

Good to see you are faring well on the voyage. Keep up the good work!

Markus said...

Take it easy Russell,

If people get shint splints means they are too fast.

If you keep a conservative pace especially on the downhills you should be good.

Hello from Colorado

Val said...

Haiku for Pescara:

Russ keeps running
"conservative pacing," gold
Hello, private tent

Keep on rocking!


Jen Crover said...

Well at the least the sweltering Austin heat has served some purpose! Glad you are feeling upbeat and can't wait to hear how the rest of your journey goes. You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Enjoying your updates.... :)

Julia said...

Way to go Russ! Love being on this adventure with you!!!

Dan Naden said...

Hey Russell,
Keep it up!!
Your friend and ex-Hooverite, Dan Naden

Best of luck.