Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stage 3 - the birthday stage (cont.)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes - too many to reply to individually, I'm afraid, as my conscious time is short, and my technology is limited here.

Today was long - 45 miles - my legs felt very tired and heavy after 123 miles in 3 days. No surprise there! The day was rainy and windy, and traffic along the main Adriatic coast road, the SS16, was pretty ghastly. The police were very much in evidence. They cruised up and down with flashing lights, and didn't seem to appreciate our presence. They did not, however, seem to care much about the prostitutes plying their trade every couple of miles at the side of the road. Extraordinary.

I was done in a little over 9 hours. It's a long time to be on your feet. My aid station fare today included: salted tomatoes, pickled gherkins, chocolate cookies, pears, apples, bananas, cheese on crackers, bread, coke, apple juice and water. I think I covered most of the major foodgroups!

Right now we're holed up at a campsite for the night. The great news is that we get bungalows with a shower and real bunk beds. Birthday luxury!

Tomorrow is back down to 39 miles. Blisters continue to multiply, but should be OK with a little suffering, plus disinfectant and needle treatment from Jan tonight. It's a glamorous life, eh?

OK, nap time, then the usual dinner adventure to come.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Russell! Your toes are lovely:).


Tom Beam said...

Happy birthday pops. Sounds like you're doing well. Treat yourself to one of those prostitutes tonight.

Markus said...

Happy Birthday Russell!

Put a lot of Vaseline on your feet. That should help to avoid blisters.
- well for the most part -

If you have any questions for feet treatment ask Helmut Schieke. He is probably the most experienced runner in the support team. I ran with him across Australia.

Keep on running

Markus from sunny Colorado

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Greetings to you belatedly. I am grateful for your great blog, I think you are the only native English speaking blogging, so I depend on you to know what is going on! The race doesn't seem to be getting that much publicity, I am trying to do a blog about no. 55, Chen Chinghui, our company President whose birthday is on April 25th, if you see him, please ask him ( or his wife ) to get in touch.