Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stage 3 - the final birthday celebration

My wonderful French friends - Gerard, icole, Jean-Herve, Melyne, Alain, Christophe, Roger, Fabrice & J-B - just gave me a great birthday cake complete with candles. (I can't seem to post the picture...anyhow...) Excellent friends to spend my birthday with, if I can't be home.


Tracey said...

Hey Dad - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We are all enjoying reading your blog. When I ask Isabella what Grandpa is doing she now says 'lots and lots running'. Love Tracey, Oli, Isabella and Ben

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Russ!!!

chuckd said...

Happy Birthday, Russ!!

You're doing what you love. Couldn't be a better way to spend your birthday. Enjoy!

Camilla said...

Hi Russell,
Happy Birthday! Hope your day goes to your pleasing. I am definitely keeping up with your blog and look forward to reading what you have next to write.

We miss your terribly, but wish you nothing but the best.

Helen Yang said...

Happy Birthday Russ!

Enjoy your cake, take care of those blisters and keep up the spirit. You're doing great!

~ Helen

colin said...

Hey Coach,
Just caught up with you on your adventure. Good luck, happy birthday and try floating a little harder to avoid those blisters.

ant said...


You're officially on our list of heroes. Kristen wants to know what you eat for dinner and how many calories it is. Of course we won't be upset if you can't answer during the race! And she's asked me to say that she thinks you're amazing.


Anonymous said...

Russ, Happy Birthday! And God speed on your journey. But I'm curious. How are you going to carry all those tshirts and souveniers that we all expect you to bring back? :)
Ed B.
Just kidding. Come back in one piece. Or two at most.