Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stage 11 - Alberone

Today was, simply put, exhausting. We ran 54 miles - more than two marathons - and lots of people looked very much the worse for wear over dinner.

The course was quite flat, as we're crossing what is I guess the Po delta, a huge expanse of very fertile farmland which was once under water. The weather for the "first" marathon was nice - cool and cloudy - but severe thunderstorms built up in time for the "second". Let's just say that it rained a great deal, and very quickly. It also left the narrow, two-lane roads covered in huge, muddy puddles, which compounded traffic problems.

Tonight I'm sleeping in a church - the hall was full by the time I crossed the finish line a full 12 hours after our 6am start. A strange feeling, but I could honestly sleep anywhere at this point.

Tomorrow is a much kinder 30 miles - more of a sprint, really! One piece of trivia I worked out on the road - today I completed my 50th Ultra run (i.e., greater than a 26.2 mile marathon). Shame I'm too tired to celebrate!


Tom Beam said...

With all that time on the road, I'm kind of expecting you to work out more stuff than that. Just a thought.

Good work, keep that brain whirring, it'll keep your mind off running.

Jeff French said...

Congratulations on ultra #50, Russ. You'll have a lot more by the time you reach the tip of Norway.

Oli Stickley said...

Russ / Dad / Grandpa, We are all thinking of you mate! Keep it up. Isabella has been "running like Grandpa" in the garden and Benjamin would if he could!


Adam Hanin said...


Congrats on #50... here's to 53 more...



chuckd said...

hey Russ....congrats on 50 and doing 2 marathons today. that's a big day.

thanks for posting every day. it's great to be able to hear a bit of what you are doing each day.

keep on...keeping on. you're doing great.


Val said...

You are such a great travel writer! I'm amazed by the positive spirit you are maintaining. Keep on rocking!


ann said...

Way to get through a double! Enjoy your "short" day tomorrow. Hopefully you will be able to rest a bit more.

Sarah said...

You are incredible. 50 ultra runs?! Wow... just wow! :)