Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stage 10 - Lugo

Stage numbers finally in double digits - woohoo! (Sorry for the delayed posting - many tasks after
running today, including a long walk from the town square finish to the gym, an MRI, medical tests, and laundry.)

Today's 43 miles was blighted by 3 "police on scene" car wrecks. The first one included 3 cars, a truck, and three fatalities. Horrible. I thought the race might get shut down, but they directed us right through the middle of the carnage. It put our lives and adventures into perspective.

The course was long, flat, sunny, and very dangerous. One or two more have abandoned today for both physical and mental reasons. It's never easy finding the right words to say to folks who are devastated by quitting. A big preoccupation is tomorrow's monster 54 mile stage, which most of us are silently dreading.

I just had my medical measurements taken. Unfortunately, I've gained a lot of weight (5kgs, or 11lbs). This happened to me in Germany too. I have to work with the doctors to quickly figure out how to reduce my "water weight". Extra salt & bananas haven't been doing the trick.

OK, on to dinner. It'll be Jenny Craig for me soon at this rate!


Amy said...

Normally, I would venture to say you can afford an extra few pounds, but if I liken it to what I felt like when I was pregnant even an extra one or two felt bad.

Hang in there. I'll start sending "lose water weight vibes".

Best - Degner

Ramsay said...

double digits--pretty exciting-- sorry about the water retention, though--

Adam Hanin said...

Sorry to hear about the weight - and the carnage. But keep thinking positively... you are going to complete this race!

ann said...

Sounds like you got to see way more than you needed to. Glad to hear you made it through safely. Good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Glad you were one of the ones running through, not being carted off. Hope the water weight sorts itself out and your feet start to feel better. At least you've reached the double digits & you're still going. I know you'll make the finish.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how up to date on global news you are, but the word on the street is to avoid close proximity to pigs for the rest of the journey.

Carry on!



Tom Beam said...

I just finished class yesterday, I'll be home in Austin next week. Maybe I'll fly out to see you in Norway. I've always wanted to see Norway in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Russ. We've been reading your blogs every day. It's taken me this long to respond because I'm a tech idiot. I spoke to Claire tonight and I think she's told me how to respond so it goes through. We're proud of you. We're going to have dinner with Claire tomorrow at Matt's El Rancho and we'll dip a chip in the hot sauce in your honor. I hear that tomorrow's run is over 50 miles. That will make up for the days when we read that you run under 40miles and we think that you are just a pansy.
Love you Russ,
Joe & June
Las Lomas Pansy Association

Gehan said...

I was thinking about you as I ran the London marathon this weekend. You are a true superman! Gehan

Anonymous said...

Hi Russell,more power to you.
I have been keeping reading your blog.You do do a great job.

Helen Yang said...

Hi Russ! Just got caught up on your adventures.

I'm glad you've found a friend to run with. You are an incredible inspiration and we are all cheering you on.

Take care of yourself and those blisters. Eat some salami and cheese for me - yum. Oh, and have some gelato too!

Amy said...

Russell -- I'm insanely proud to call you friend. Sending you good thoughts to you today on the long run -- I know you're going to do great.

Amy said...

Amy of the last post is Amy Johnson Brotman. Not to be confused with Degner or any of the other million Amy's you know! :)