Sunday, September 16, 2007

So German at the finish line...

Ooompah band, sausages, beer, & Germans. A great end to a nice day - sunny weather, less wind, & some slightly stronger running from yours truly. My feet are nastily swollen, & I've gained yet another pound - the medical experts are speechless!

Thanks again - family, friends & co-workers - for all the kind posts & messages. They do keep me going through the tough times.

7 days & 533K (325 miles) done, but a few more hills ahead.


Anonymous said...

Amazing - It sounds beautiful there, we are all thinking of you.
Di needs to call Forte Tuesday.
Keep up the great work.
Di's Mom

Richard said...

Fantastic. Simply fantastic. I'm really enjoying some vicarious distance-running here! Looking forward to your continued upbeat postings, and the inevitable foot photographs at the end.

Looking at the website, I see the 2009 course but not the 2013 North/South America traversal route... :-)

chuckd said...

Awesome Russ!! You rock!!

Keep on, keeping on.

Enjoy the brats, sausages, beer, and German hospitality.

Your doing great and making us proud.

Thanks for posting everyday and letting us follow you along on your adventure.

chuck & kristin

Helen said...

Hi Russ! My friends don't believe me when I tell them that my boss is running across Germany. I send them to your site and all have e-mailed back in awe.

It sounds like you're getting a chance to experience some German culture. Are you sure you're not secretly eating German cake which is resulting in your weight gain? : )

You're doing great!


Valerie said...

Way to go, boss man! I'm glad to hear you are not only withstanding the suffering but finding small wonders in the people and place.

Keep looking around and not at your (swollen) feet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Russell,

clemmie here. It's fun to read your blog. Weight gain, big hands, all rather weird. but interesting time, I'm sure.

Take care. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Russ - beer, sausages etc - what are you on hoilday? - focus mate!


Stephanie said...

When you are finished I suggest a trip to Koln (Cologne) Chocolate Museum to get a little more German weight gain.

Though I traversed it by train, it's a great country to travel.

-Stephanie Stanford

Anonymous said...


Fluids are good for runners, right? No matter where they show up in the body. (You can always redistribute it later.)

In a word, rehydrate.



Anonymous said...

You're a medical miracle. :-) Of course you're dumbfounding the doctors. I wish we at Hoover's could run alongside you. Keep up the great work, Russ! C

Anonymous said...

Ah Russ, you take me back to my childhood! Nothing beats a good sausage, save for toenails or a soft bed. Say hello to all the Degners for me.

Keep on keepin on.

Amy said...

Russ, "Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle, and a victory."

I look forward to toasting your victory.

"Evil" said...

Dude! enjoy the sudds and brot. Do they have an announcer at this finish line you are heading for?
:-) I can also change flat tires! :-)

camgage said...

I was telling my kids about what you are doing and they were amazed.

Thanks for being an example of what is possible.

I am sending you strength via the cosmic karma network.

Cameron Gage

Vicki said...

Great work.