Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just 4 more days!

Today's 39 miles were disposed of by all except one runner - that leaves just 21 survivors from the original crew of 41. These are very, very tough folks, believe me - dropping out so late in the race is a sign of major injury issues, usually severe shinsplints.

I'm running OK each day for the first 6 hours or so, but afternoons are very difficult for me due to cumulative fatigue & very sore feet. But so it goes. My times look horrible on paper, but my only concern right now is to make it to the finish line on Wednesday. My chances improve with each passing day.

Happy Sunday!


Amy said...

Times Schmimes... Just 4 more days!

riles said...

Hey Russ,

Hang in there man! Saw Tom today at UTSA meet. See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up, just a couple more days.


John (Rogue Chicago) said...

You freaking rock, as in "rock your face off" rock, Russ! Gotta be smelling the barn by now. Almost done coach!

Other Russ said...

Amazing! You're almost there

Valerie said...

You've got it!

Anonymous said...

Rosie said: Whow, that's impressive!! How good is that?!
Paula said: Yeah. Whow! Just stunning! To impress you it has to be good!

Lazy Sunday afternoon, got no time for worries...!

Anonymous said...

Cheers Russ,

I feel guilty sitting here drinking cappucino reading about all your running.

You're amazing. Keep it up - you're almost there!

Amy Jo, Dan, & Ella

Helen said...

Way to go Russ! I'm in Chicago visiting a friend and we were pretty happy with ourselves walking for 6 hours yesterday. What you are doing is amazing. Keep it up. You've almost got it!