Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If the town name ends in -berg...

...you can rely on a nice bracing climb to end the day. We're now in Feldberg, which is true to its suffix, but with only one day left, no-one's complaining. Today was easily the most beautiful stage - 'Sound of Music' gorgeous. An early threat of rain never materialized, and so the day was cool & perfect for running. My mojo returned as my feet were almost pain-free for the first time in 2 weeks, and I finished ahead of some of the better runners. Definitely a 'feel good' day.

Diana had a great first Ultra today! Only her natural modesty & respectfulness of others stopped her from crossing the finish line first. She blistered (no pun there) through 31 very hilly miles in 6 hours. She's very happy, & we're very proud of her.

So the show winds down tomorrow with the final 37-mile stage into Loerrach. I'm expecting the usual mix of emotions - elation at finishing, tempered with a tinge of sadness as things come to an end. But being able to sleep past 4am will be something to relish, at least!


Zack said...

Congrats Russ and Diana! almost there.

Mark Palmer said...

God speed on you final day.

Peace and Cheers,
Mark Palmer

Kyle said...

Russell - It has been inspirational reading your posts - from physically not sure about going on - to pain free running...what a story - this is quite a "feet"!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Russ! 1 more day and you're there. Incredible job thus far. Close it up!

Can't wait to see you and your grandbaby back in Austin when the new family comes for a visit.

Take care until we see you!

~amy jo

camgage said...

amazing....soak it up and an early congratulations to you!

muna said...

Congratulations, Diana!

Russ, are you telling me that you basically ran a 700+ mi warm up and are now starting to feel good? :) So glad that it was a good day. Bring it on home!

Erin said...

awesome job, Russ!! And congrats to Diana, too...

Darryl C said...

That is awesome Russell!! You are unbelievable!

So are you going to have to run back to the start to get to your car? :)

Sadie B said...

Way to go Russ! You are truly amazing. Get through the last day and enjoy your rest and recovery!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Russ, I was really
amazed. Such a splendid achievement. I cross my fingers
you bring your run to a good end.
Wish you all the best.
Lutje ( D&B )

Anonymous said...

good luck with the last day.

it's been exciting from this end so i can't imagine what it's like over there...

see you and the family soon

-Roberto (robski)

Anonymous said...

Russ - I have enjoyed reading your reports. CONGRATULATIONS to you & Diana. Speaking of Diana, I wonder if before leaving for Germany she saw her member profile in the September issue of ARC newsletter?


Anonymous said...

"Feel good" !! has to be one of your modestly understated remarks.
Bloody fantastic (in the local parlance)
All the best for the final day.

Anonymous said...

Mason & Heather (Di's sister) say: Oh no! Has Russell encouraged Di to become even more addicted to running?!? Way to go guys!! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!

Valerie said...

Congratulations to you and to Diana!

May some fightin' lyrics from my favorite Clash tune guide you across the finish -- it's a great running anthem, me thinks.

"Gonna march a long way
Fight a long time
Get to travel over mountains
Got to travel over seas
We gonna fight your brother
We gonna fight til you lose
We gonna raise trouble
We gonna raise hell"


Amy said...

Are you sure your feet feel better or have you lost all feeling below the knees? Anywho, congrats on another day down. Good Luck tomorrow!

Mark P said...

Negative splits from here on in!

You're mad... and inspiring!

Enjoy the final day.

Rob L. said...

Great to hear. Enjoy the last stage!

Helen said...

So glad to hear that this second last day went well for you. Even better news that Loerrach does not end in - berg!

Here's to a great last day ~ with sun on your face, the wind at your back and more Sound of Music beautiful scenery.

MikeW said...

kick ass job!

By all means, regardless how much it hurts, be sure to smile for that finishline picture!

Jennifer Lambright said...

Yay Russell and Diana and everyone running with you!!!!! So glad you're finally feeling good again! looking forward to reading the good news tommorrow after you finish. Congrats!!!! This is so awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Russ - unbelievable...your journey has been truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.