Sunday, September 09, 2007

Out German the Germans

From Diana:
We had quite an introduction to the Deutschlandlauf participants today- everyone in their undies.

As we set up camp in the first gym of many, initial data was collected from the runners that will be compared throughout the stages of the race. In the middle of the gym men and women stripped down to their skibbies and stood in line waiting to be poked, prodded, weighed and measured. A collection of cups filled with urine accumulated on the bench, awaiting later testing. It was quite a sight and welcome to this phenomena of ultra running.

We just finished a kick-off meeting being introduced without a clue of what they were saying, I hope it wasn't anything too important. I think I will eventually pick up on this language.

With the first day under my belt, I look forward to what is to come...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! Pyka is missing Diana already and wishes he could be there running with everyone!

Wendy Pursch said...

We're missing you already Russell! Debian Thacker from First Research mentioned that you were on the same flight out of town. She asked me via email, "It is crazy to run for 17 days!!! What was the reason? Is he raising money for something?" Ha! It would be great if you came home with a lot of cash, but we'll settle for no injuries.

Anonymous said... coming of everyone in their underwear? A joke, i'm hoping? If not then you're a player.

(I don't have a username)

Anonymous said...

go di! :-) j (aka Jill)

Anonymous said...

Skibbies? surely that's "skivvies"
(editorial query)

Cheers, and keep it up.


kathryn said...

Hi Russell

I work within the Development & Alumni Relations Office at Warwick Business School and was hoping to meet you on my trip to the US in May but have just found out about this fantastic run you are about to embark upon.

May I wish you all the best for the next three months and perhaps we could talk when you finish and you can tell me all about your experience.

With very best wishes,