Friday, September 14, 2007


My feet are very sore today...maybe the beginning of plantar fasciitis? But good news, no cankles...yet. 73K today in 10 hrs 45 mins. A few more dropouts today, I think we are up to 12 out. Very high mileage in the early days (250 miles in 5 days) was rough. The shoe surgery worked, and my toes felt much better today. Weather is getting better each day, with a high of 70 today!

We are staying near the beautiful Elbe river tonight. Today Diana wanted to take a picture of me finishing; she ran next to me in sandals, and I swear I couldn't keep up with her!

Tomorrow the distance is about relatively short! I just hope the sore feet can hold on a few more days, but as the cliche goes..."taking one day at a time".


Kelly said...

Way to go, Russ. Keep at it. More dropouts this year than your previous events, eh? And gaining weight...maybe too many post race beers. But hey gotta keep the carbs coming...Keep it up! Stay positive, I know you are.

Anonymous said...

pictures please! jill

Other Russ said...

Keep pushing, you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing you could put on 3 lbs what with the loss of all those toenails!

You're amazing! Go go go!

~amy jo

Anonymous said...

Keep it up my man. You can always get a foot transplant back home.


ostickley said...

Hi Russ / Dad / Grandpa

Keep us the great work! We are all thinking of you mate!

Isabella has been crawing extra long distances for you this week!

Really looking forward to seeing you!


Oli, Tracey and Isabella x x

Valerie said...

You inspired me to switch from the Beginner to the Intermediate half marathon class this week....I ran with the faster kids and got my "long" miles in. (Sure is relative after reading your blog posts.) My mantra was "Rus-sell, Rus-sell" when I wanted to stop. Keep up the fantastic physical and mental effort....we're all trying to be a tail wind for you!