Thursday, September 13, 2007

High dropout rate

10 folks are out of the race already, due in large part to so many very long early stages. Today's 50 miles felt better for me, except for a lot of pain in my feet. 11 hours 20 minutes or so. Whew, I'm tired. The next couple of stages are slightly shorter, so this might work.

We're about to start a surgical procedure on my shoes, which should help to relieve pressue on my toes.

Oh, & the doctor tells me I've gained 3lbs already - go figure.


Helen said...

I'm so glad that today was better for you. You can do this. You're doing great!

muna said...

Great job, Russ! You're doing something right when 50 miles is your easy day! Just a fantastic effort and attitude. We're all cheering for you! Nice of you to post on your blog in between running and r&r. Just remember that miles are your friends and the more you have the happier you will be. Say hi to your fellow trooper Diana over there.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, & the doctor tells me I've gained 3lbs already - go figure."

You're meant to lay off the sauerkraut and sausages till the end of the race.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog updates! Many of us are worn out just reading about your trek. Quite inspiring, you are! Cheers, Catherine

Slaire said...

Wonderful to speak to you and Diana today, You sounded so strong and pumped having had a good run today and knowing some "shorter" distance days are lie ahead.
I hope the shoe surgery works to relieve the pressure on your toes.
Stay warm and have a good day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I am reading everything and it is so great, amazing you are getting "stronger" the "longer" you run - Di's Mom

Anonymous said...

Please, RS, no pictures of the feet sans toe nails. I'm still in therapy from the pictures of your swollen ankles in 2005 -- it drove me to drink.

Great to hear you are doing well. We all know Stuart is wrong, it's not the sauerkraut. Stay away from that German beer.

You go!
anonymous (formerly known as the QA rock star Beth)