Monday, August 15, 2005

Roscoff D-day minus 2

Ran comfortably for 90 minutes this morning to St. Pol de Leon. I met the race director and some of the other competitors and we went for a wonderful French lunch -a whole roast pig. After a while Janne from Finland and Hiroko from Japan arrived. Both had run Trans Europe (Lisbon to Moscow) in 2003. Janne placed 5th overall! Hiroko had abandoned after 42 days because her leg literally snapped - which finally forced her to stop!! Jacques was interesting too - he cycled around the world for 7.5 years, because he couldn't stand his office job!! Usually I feel like a Kenyan with 'normal people' - today, with these folks, I felt like a Sumo wrestler. This is going to be a tough race I think....

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