Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Day 8

Pretty good day today. 64K in 7h 27m came in 9th and 9th place overall. The first 5k the legs are stiff, sore, painful, the middle of the run you get into a groove and it is pretty good, the last 20K are hard.
Glad to report legs are no worse. If they stay like this it should be ok. The compression stockings and anti-inflammatory pills are helping as well.
The town we are in today is called Angles Sur L'Anglin, it is ranked as one of the prettiest in France. Each day I report what a beautiful town we are in, but today it really is beautiful. It would be even more beautiful if Claire was here with me...
We run past many locals that see the race numbers on our shirts and ask where are we running to and we say Narbonne. They look puzzled because they only know of one Narbonne and that is on the coast!! They just can't believe we are running all that way. So they cheer us on and say "Bon Courage".
We passed the 500K mark today. That felt great, we are actually getting closer.

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Oli said...

Hi Russ, Pa or Dad,

Just a note to say we are thinking ok you. Sounds like you are seeing some amazing countryside. We read your bit about 15,000 calories - WOW - 5,000 a day!

What do you eat to keep your energy up?

Take care


Oli and Tracey x