Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Much Much better day today. Legs still sore but not in agony. Actually easier to run than walk. I felt more positive at the end of today than I did yesterday. I think I can do this!
Another beautiful route today. If you look on this site, http://www.yanoo.net/index.php4?cat=12&id=215 this is one of the roads we ran today...just beautiful. Today was 57K my time 6:44 9th place, tomorrow is 64K.
The runners here are a great group of people. Everyone is very friendly and helpful to each other. Each day as we come into the finish as well as the school gym we all clap for each other. It is quite emotional, we all have our good days and days that we suffer. So far no one is willing to not try another day.


Zack said...

Russ, as of today you've run 40% of the Trans Gaule. And it sounds like you're just warming up.

Keep it up man!

Amy Jo said...

You're doing a spectacular job! Keep the mental power going -- it'll make sure the legs follow. I'm sending you good thoughts every day!