Monday, August 22, 2005

Day 6

Is it really only day 6???? Can't imagine what day 16 is going to feel like...
Well this morning started off really painfully, for the first 25K I walked and hobbled, but the last 25K was better and I actually ran most of it. 55K in a time of 6h 33m. The race organizers stated this is the first year in race history that no one has dropped out by stage 6. Pressure is on.
Raife and Victoria cycled along the last half of the course. Victoria has been so helpful with my legs. They bought me a pair of compression stockings to help with the swelling. The course today was beautiful, winding through the Loire Valley, lovely vineyards and beautiful countryside.


Eric said...

Keep it up. One foot in front of the next.

Texas Fish said...

We're cheering for you here in Austin! Almost makes running the green belt look like just a jog in the park. Keep us posted and continued success...Andy, Paula, Rebekah, Jessica.