Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Day 15

I am lying in my nice comfortable bed in the B&B. Today was a good day. I am back to running and not just struggling to get through the day. 57k in 6hrs 18mins 9th place today and I think still 11th overall. Another hilly route and basically the next few days will be that way. Still hot and sunny with head winds. We have been very lucky to only have had 1 day of rain. I have heard the weather for the next few days might be stormy. We are having dinner tonight at a local restaurant, which is always good.
My days are pretty much run, eat, sleep, repeat each day.


laurie said...

Congrats thus far, you've got this made! So glad you've got a nice comfy bed to rest your legs this evening. Looking forward to reading your next posts and then the final one when you cross the finish line!! You're doing great!!!

Michael said...

Yeah, my days are pretty much "run, eat, sleep" as well -- just minus the run part. 11th place overall is amazing, just a few more days!



This has been amazing to watch.

I've been traveling alot the last two weeks and the first place I go when I get to my hotel is your web site.

I bet one of those massages we got in PV would feel pretty good about now.

What do you have left..160 miles? A piece of cake.

And quit worrying about your placement. How many people in the world could compete in this thing?
Your the only one I know.

Looking forward to talking to you when you get back.

Chris said...

I can only imagine where my mind would wander off to (and what it would come back with) while I spent 6+ hours running. Have you worked out the meaning of life yet?

I know, I know: "Run, eat, sleep..."