Thursday, August 25, 2005

Day 9

Today was the most physically challenging day I have ever had in my life. Not just the run which was very hilly but the weather was brutal, windy and rainy. Windy all day, at times it felt like gale force pushing us around and having to fight it the entire time. The rain lashing down and coming at you from all sides. Not sure what the weather for tomorrow will be, but at least for now the rain has stopped. We have been lucky, so far we have had 8 days of great weather.
The day took a long time 70K in 9H can't remember how many mins... 13 place.
Good news my legs are staying about the same, not getting worse, a bit more worn out today because of the hills but I think they will be ok. I wear the compression stockings every night. I look like Paula Radcliff, wish I ran as fast as she can.
Today we passed the halfway mark in distance and just at the halfway in time, 9 days down 9 more to go. Tomorrow is 64K, Saturday 50K, and Sunday the monster 77K.


Michael said...

Sounds like if you made it through today you can make it through anything -- being halfway done must be a huge emotional boost!

Lori said...

Way to go, Russell!! You can do it!!
Wooohoooo! You are half way done!
You are never far from our minds!

Sheri said...

Russell...excellent job!!! It sounds like you had a very difficult day, but it's over and hopefully that will be your only bad weather day!! Hang in there. As they say, it's all downhill from here!! Bon Courage!

Chris said...

Keep it up, Russell! Here's hoping for better weather from here on out...