Friday, August 26, 2005

Day 10

Good weather! Nice course, getting more and more hilly as we get into the Massif Central. Ran the first 25K today but then had to do a combination of walk/run..more walk then I would have liked. 64K, came in 22nd. Terrible but still in 10th place overall. My shins and ankles are so swollen they are officially 'kankles'. I can't get the socks over my ankles, so I had to cut my socks.
Still a great group of people and we are all trying to hang in and make it to the end. No one has dropped out yet. Tonight we had drinks with the Mayor of Bourganeuf.
Tomorrow is 50K but hilly so we shall see how it goes.


Snow Jester said...

Hey I though us Brits had the monopoly on doing mad things, but running across France, well there's only one word for that. Respect.

BTW, you may find this interesting, its equally mad,
A 211km fjord swim

itshotintexas said...

Hey Russ, Went to the first XC meet today. Rob, Tom and Greg ran great. We're all following your progress here in Austin. You're doing great! Hang in there!

Robert I.