Friday, August 19, 2005

Day 3

Feeling really great today. Much flatter course and I felt great, although today was one of the longest days at 78k/42miles. My time was 7:45. Came in at 4th place but not sure where this puts me in the rankings...
Had a great meal in a little French restaurnat last night and a great night sleep.
I absolutly love my Garmin Forerunner 201. It's great to know how far you have run and how much more you have to do each day. It also keeps track of the calories, so far I have burned 15,000 during this race!
Tomorrow will be a shorter day 68k/42miles. We will arrive in the town of Chateaubriant.


Lisa Glass said...

Russell, you're doing great! The Statesman is going to do a nice piece on you when you return. Interview scheduled for Sept. 12th!! Hopefully, there will be some good photos to use from the race. If not, they'll get a photo of you resting your tired feet!

Beth said...

While you're sleeping Monday, UK enhancements will be launching. Everything is a go! So, go, Brit Boy, go!!!!

Zack said...

Looking good Russ. The shepherd's pie scares me but I'm glad it's working for you. Keep it up dude! Jen's running a leg of Marshall's overnight 100k tonight, you'll be in her thoughts no doubt.

Take it easy man!

Michael said...

15,000 calories in 3 days??? I think that's about what i burn in a year. According to, you're in 5th place overall -- go man go!