Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ireland - Stage 9

35 more miles completed; only 55 to go. Today's weather was sublime as was the scenery. Breathtaking. Undoubtedly the best day, ending in the very historic town of Macroom, where we were welcomed by our son Rob. We've already shared a pint of Murphy's.

Chris and I ran together the whole stage, and it really helped especially during the long, long climbs. After 9 days it is amazing that only 9 minutes separate us. I don't feel the need to push it to the finish; I'm happy just to be on the podium (assuming of course no last minute disasters).

Claire's still wrestling with her sore Achilles, but she's nearly there too. She was tearfully happy to give Rob a hug at the finish.

So tomorrow's our last major effort before Saturday's "finale". Life on the big purple bus is good.


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