Friday, September 16, 2011

Ireland - Stage 3

Much more typical Irish weather to help us celebrate our wedding anniversary today - heavy rains for at least half of our 31 miles, interspersed with grey skies and about 90 seconds of sunshine. It's not green here for nothing.

Claire is starting to have blister/toenail issues, so started off today taped and with the toeboxes of her sneakers (and now crocs!) removed. She's sore and tender, but is a trooper and will fight on. She completed in 7 hours, and remains as second placed woman in the race.

I ran the first 10 miles with race leader Jed, who's celebrating his 30th birthday today. Then he took off just before Enniskillen, and I kept going on my own and later on with Canadian Rick. Unfortunately we had our first abandon today - our youngest competitor Jimmy who's not been feeling good. But he'll be back when he's healthy.

Another thirtysomething tomorrow, but spirits are generally high tonight. It's amazing how restorative a warm shower can be.

Location:Corlough GAA club, Eire

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