Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ireland - Stage 2

A better day for me today, as I didn't get lost. But an extra 4 miles for poor Claire who's struggling with the very tricky mapreading skills required for this race.

The first few miles to Strabane were along a wretchedly busy highway with no shoulder and plenty of trucks and busses. But then things became quieter and more rural...and also super-hilly.

The stage was nearly 34 miles, and we were all quite happy to be finished. The weather cooperated for a second day. It drizzled briefly a couple of times, but no raingear was required, and the scenery was splendidly Irish-farmy.

Lying down on my bunk feels good now, but we are in very tight quarters and have no shower or toilet facilities beyond buckets and fields. The race support team is excellent, but it's turning out we prefer the school gym format for stage races - more space, showers and toilets, despite having to unpack and repack each stage.

Location:A farm somewhere in Ireland

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Christian *€D said...

Not just a better day - an excellent day. Both Seckers in 2nd place overall (male/female)! Congrats, and keep going ...

Christian, leaving for Switzerland now