Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ireland - Stage 1

Everything started well and on time today. The hurricane gods rested, and we had an atypically dry, sunny, Irish day. My run had me close to the lead for quite a few surprising miles, but failing to make a final turn near the finish cost me a depressing extra 4 miles and a decent place/time. 41 miles is MUCH further than 37. Oh well.
Claire finished second lady, and right now looks in much better shape than me. Awesome.
And along the way, we both chuckled sophomorically about this sign:


Hard Corps Tri said...

Russell sounds like great running weather. Since you started running with our group I will take the blame for the extra 4 miles (I'm typically all about the bonus miles). However I think it might be prudent in the future to save the bonus miles until AFTER the race is complete!!!

Drink some Guiness for me!!!


Swissultrarunner said...

Well, what can I say: RTFM. Or hold back on the Guiness. Anyway, more miles for the money is always a good thing. Congrats to the excellent running of both of you. Keep going and enjoy Ireland.

Christian and Ursula, still in the Baltics

PS: does sleeping in the bus beat Ingo's quarters? And the Chef, is his cooking as expected?