Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ireland - Stage 4

A pleasant enough day, with only a few heavy downpours. 32 miles ended up being 34+ miles for some of us, as the final turning was missed again. Aggravating, but just how it goes sometimes.

Claire and I performed sufficient shoe and blister surgery to get her through the day unscathed. I start an hour later than her each day and it's nice when I catch up with her around 20 miles or so. She always smiley and running strongly.

I'm (so far) feeling better on this stage race than on any previous one. Legs are tired, but nothing really hurts, and so far no blisters. 140 miles in 4 days - more than a third done!

Location:Near Longford


Gemma said...

Loving the blog positivity :o) ... Although lack of showers & toilets is a bit grim. Hope you're still surviving the flannel & bucket lifestyle. Keep running strong, both of you.

jp said...

Great job Seckers! Go go go! Sending positive energy from Austin! Keep the updates coming.

Good luck!
John Peck