Friday, April 13, 2012

One day to go

It was a depressingly foggy, cold morning first thing. The thought of "two weeks of this" was not good - but as I headed out for a final long walk after breakfast, the mists cleared to a cold but sunny day.

I headed to the first part of the St Jacques trail and climbed out of Le Puy for a couple of kilometers.

Did I mention that it's quite hilly here? There is symbolism everywhere. Note the yellow mark on the right of the picture. Or bigger still:

Then back into town to climb to the top of St Michel d'Aiguilhe, built by Bishop Godescalc in 951AD after his Santiago pilgrimage. An amazing piece of volcanic geology with a chapel stuck on top:

Finally back to the cathedral - tomorrow's start line - to collect my "creanciale" and get it stamped. This is my pilgrim's passport to prove that I've completed the journey:

I said my goodbyes to St Jacques...

and now I'm just about ready to go...

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Anonymous said...

Read an article about you and your adventures in the Tulsa paper. Quickly clipped it to follow your blog! Remembered meeting your sweet wife Claire once when running sprints early one morning last summer. Good luck, enjoy the run and make the adventure fun!