Friday, August 17, 2012

The land of Hamlet

Denmark has the world's highest level of income equality, and (not coincidentally?) ranks as the happiest and least corrupt country in the world. Maybe those folks who wrote The Spirit Level were on to something?

The population of Denmark is 5.5 million, and they manage to kill 28 million pigs between them each year. Five each, basically. Pig happiness is actually increasing, as now pregnant sows have to be kept in "loose housing systems". But they are probably still less happy than the Danes who convert them into bacon.

Danish pastries are called wienerbrød (Viennese bread; in Vienna, the danish is referred to as Plundergebäck or Golatschen.) They appear to be everywhere here:

Well, that's all I know about Denmark so far. Buses, trains and a rented bicycle will now transport me to the start of TransEurope Footrace 2012 in Skagen, in the northeast corner of the Jutland peninsula. The race starts on Sunday. It will be odd being there and not running, but relaxing and peaceful at the same time. I know half of the field of fifty runners from previous multiday races, and am looking forward to seeing them all again.

Location:Aarhus airport, Denmark

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