Saturday, August 18, 2012

Denmark has it all...

...even camels!

As I rolled into Skagen after 5 hours in the saddle, the first two people I see running down the road happen to be my Swiss friends Christian and Ursula Marti. (I ran many miles with Christian during TransEurope 2009.) Now I'm relaxing with beer and pizza at prices that could compete with the London Olympics while they dilligently continue to run.

As I woke this morning, rain was absolutely hurling down. There's nothing like a wet saddle to start off the day. But by the time I got underway at 7am, the storms had abated. The cycle paths were fantastic and the hills very moderate. What a great place to ride a bike. Even slogging along on Old Bessie, more than 50 miles passed very comfortably and quickly. And now - defying the forecast of more storms and rain - the sun is shining and the Danes and I are happy.

Location:Skagen, Denmark

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