Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Next up...

...injury and health issues permitting, that would be Trans Europe Footrace 2009. Only now - two months after returning from Germany - am I feeling able to contemplate this mother of all challenges. Each morning when I wake and get out of bed, I fast-forward in my head to April 2009, and think "Would I really want to start another 50-miler today...and tomorrow...and the next day?" I'm not sure if I'm just being respectful of the enormity, or terrified at the prospect of hurting again, so much and for so long.

Two interesting and well observed pieces of reading recently:

From Dr. Rowly Brucken's "Who are we? A paradoxical explanation of Ultrarunning":
Ultrarunners...have to possess an inner core of arrogance. We think we are supermen and superwomen, that we are mentally and physically tougher than most, and...possess the resources to triumph in the end. And yet ultrarunners are some of the most humble, friendly, approachable people I know. We intimately know our bodies and minds and how vulnerable and frail they can be. We know of failure, of injuries that take too long to heal, of having to drop out of a race. We know of the necessity of teamwork with pacers, supporters, race volunteers, and communion with complete strangers on the course that will get us through the dark miles. Everyone who finishes can give thanks for the love, patience and support of others. We each know this, and we are proud of ourselves and grateful for others...
Amen to that!

And from Stevie Smith's "Pedalling to Hawaii":
Chronic fatigue is an evil, creeping thing that imperceptibly shrouds the mind like a fog, whispering negative thoughts, black emotion, paranoia and resentment.
Oh yeah, I can relate to that too!

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